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About us

Welcome to Lamda Maritime Holdings Sp. z o.o.

Lamda Maritime Holdings Sp. z o.o. was registered in 2008 as Polish Shipping Company.

Initially its main activity had been the chartering services to different charterers for their cargoes.
The group's main advantage is considered to be its highly professional and cost effective management capabilities resulting in very low running cost without compromising on safety, maintenance and operational performance. So far the fleet comprises of oil tankers, suitable for the sea born transportation of crude oil and oil products such as gasoline, jet oil, diesel oil etc, as well as bulk carriers, suitable for the sea born transportation of bulk cargoes such as grain, coal, iron ore etc., however, the main goal of the company is to increase the number of  vessels with emphasis placed
in vessels between 150 - 180,000 dwt, high specification bulk carriers and oil tankers as Aframax
and Suezmax. The group does not plan a rapid expansion but is more willing to proceed with sure
and steady steps which shall be taken after careful study of the freight market and the quality
of vessels to be chartered, management and purchased.

Company's Vision is:

  • To be recognized as a leading shipping company in the global seaborne transportation.
  • To satisfy and to create added value for our clients, our people and our shareholders.
  • We aim to build our future through new building opportunities while providing our services with integrity and reliability.

Company's Mission is:

  • To provide distinctly reliable seaborne transportation services to shippers.
  • To conduct our operations with integrity and the highest business ethics safeguarding human life, property and the environment.
  • To run the safest and most effective operations that contribute to the success of clients business objectives.


The Chartering Department is our main driving force in the company, Lamda Maritime Holdings
Sp.z o.o. This department plays a major role in the success of the company. Our charterers are shipper, traders for their cargo. They are familiar with the land transportations, custom clearance
and are always there to ensure that cargo is always ready to load before our vessel arrival.
They are always providing cargo that is most suitable for our vessel as well as they ensure continuous employment of our time charter vessels.

Optimal, customer-oriented allocation of cargo to the respective vessels is achieved through the department’s constant intensive contact to the customers and its internal networking with all relevant service divisions in LAMDA. The chartering experts are closely involved in the core processes and strategic planning together with management which is the main driving force of our company.
The network of branches and agencies was constantly expanded in the past, brought in from the staff that we have presently, and has resulted in customer proximity and thus longer-term customer loyalty thanks to the implementation of individual demands while taking into account the local conditions.

The main tasks of every charterer include achieving the greatest possible customer satisfaction as well as optimal capacity utilisation of our chartered vessels. The Chartering Department works closely together with the Operations Department, world-wide and around the clock, with the aim of putting together the best service package possible for our customers.


The Operations staff informs the captains of the vessels about the cargo and planned voyage.
They negotiate worldwide with agents and stevedoring enterprises on port call, loading and discharging costs. Loading and discharge of different types of cargo are organised in direct cooperation
with the stowage planner. The staff members of the Operations Department directly monitor proper
and professional loading, stowage and discharge procedures on site. Our operators calculate fuel consumption. Fuel is ordered, route planning carried out and bunkering of vessels organised
on the basis of their calculations, special technical features and the dimensions of the vessels.

Service & Quality

We Consider to be able to offer Reliability, Responsiveness, Competence, Access, Courtesy, Communication, Credibility, Security, Understanding and Tangibles, all 10 of the dimensions
that determine SERVICE & QUALITY.

Our Experienced personnel maintain our personal friendly approach offering tailor made services.
We try to cater for all needs and thoroughly understand our clients’ requirements and no effort is spared to submit proposals that are compatible to their individual needs.


Certificate of Business Credibility




Intertanko Certificate for Lamda Maritime Holdings Sp. z o.o.

Intertanko Certificate for Christos N. Lialioutis


July 2024

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